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Wealth Management

My Trader Advisor simplifies your financial life and protect your wealth for future generations. We offer comprehensive public and private markets alternative solutions, providing clients with a broad suite of investment and advisory choices, through capital management and/or real estate investments. We seek to identify compelling investment opportunities and actively manage and monitor our portfolios.

  Money at work

In this low rate environment, generating income remains a challenge for investors who need to maintain portfolio yields. However, certain market dynamics are creating opportunities to pick up yields across a range of asset classes. Benefit from capital management like high net worth investors: Have your own account managed 24/7 by the best traders, with the risk/return profile that you decide, profitable on rising or falling markets.

  Managed Account

A Managed Account is an account opened and funded by the investor who gives permission to the trader or money manager to trade on his behalf with his own trading strategies. This allows the investor to leverage on the knowledge and experience of the professional to earn more profits on their investment, while maintaining full control over their funds. Also called Advisor Managed account.

  Keep the control

Trust is nice, but control is better. Check in real time, 24/7, your managed account and what your trader or money manager does, anytime, from everywhere, on any computer or smartphone. You also receive a daily email with all the account activity (trades, balance, equity) of the day. You can withdraw or add fund at any time, to or from a bank account or a payment card that is on your name only. And you can still trade your account.

Managed Account

We assist you to open a trading account in your name with our partner broker. You fund your account with a minimum $500K for capital management with diversified portfolio at Interactive Brokers. You allow us to trade your account signing a power of attorney. Our performance fee, is paid by you monthly.

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